Use your influence to #MakeAnAmericanVote. Simply follow the steps below and help us make the world’s vote count.

Get Voting!

How it works

Simply copy the #MakeAnAmericanVote campaign text on the left, go to your facebook, instagram or twitter account and follow these three steps:

  1. 1Take and upload an Uncle-Sam-Selfie
  2. 2Change the tag at the top to the American friend you want to vote.
  3. 3Change the tags at the bottom to nominate five other friends to get involved.

If you decide to use your own text instead, always make sure to include #MakeAnAmericanVote and #MAAV

@AmericanFriend I want YOU to make

MY vote count! #MakeAnAmericanVote

The upcoming US election is not just an American issue, it’s a world issue! Sadly, the world doesn’t have a vote in it. 8+ million Americans living abroad however do. But only 12% of them voted in the last election. Those unused votes would’ve made a difference of 6% - enough to change history.

We’re all friends with at least one of those Americans. Use your influence on them to #MakeAnAmericanVote – Simply post an Uncle-Sam-Selfie 👉 to an American 🇺🇸 friend, nominate 5 friends to do the same and let’s make sure the world’s vote is heard!

I nominate @OtherFriend1 , @OtherFriend2, @OtherFriend3, @OtherFriend4, @OtherFriend5 to also #MakeAnAmericanVote #MAAV

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Ballot Application Deadline New York

Automatic02 months:15 days:20 hours To receive your ballot, you have to be registered to vote.
The registration deadline for this state is xx.xx.xxxx.
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